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Health and safety concerns are a growing part of air quality assessment. Airborne biological substances, gases, vapors and particles can cause adverse reactions in certain individuals, depending on their sensitivity to particular substances and concentrations. Some of these ever-present, unwanted contaminants are potentially toxic, infectious, allergenic, irritating or otherwise harmful. Poor IAQ is listed as a top five health concern by most major associations and agencies worldwide. Recent studies claim that over one third of the buildings in the United States have air quality problems. Now more than ever, it is increasingly important to be proactive, to identify and resolve potential problems before they get out of control.




Not sleeping well lately? Poor air quality in your home can negatively impact your sleep, physical energy, and cause cold symptoms like teary eyes or sniffles; not to mention the dreadful words like lung disease or cancer.

Seemingly, the air quality within our homes can be up to eight times worse than outdoors, and on specific occasions — say while repainting a wall — way more than that too. Our need for a more secure and confined environment has somehow contributed to this disparity in air quality between the interior and exterior.

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Indoor air quality can deteriorate due to activities like cooking, which introduces smoke and other particulate matter. Cleaning and DIY hobbies can introduce Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs). Home building materials and the furniture may also release these VOCs. In the process of trying to secure our homes by locking doors and keeping the windows shut, we may also inadvertently seal in our expiratory carbon dioxide. Furnaces and other wood-fueled heaters produce carbon monoxide. High humidity and damp spaces breed mould.

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It is possible, even with a small number of people inside a living space, for concentration of carbon dioxide to quickly rise over the permitted limits. This often happens in places like offices, conference rooms, gym, and children’s playrooms. Excess levels of CO2 can be the cause of fatigue, sleepiness, weakness and reduction of attention.

This problem may also occur inside your home. For example, inside your bedroom, where the windows and the doors are often closed, the carbon dioxide level can rise very quickly. In this regard one may wake up tired, with a headache and a bad mood, and write it off as chronic lack of sleep. To understand the true cause of the problem, it is necessary to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air before going to bed and in the morning when you wake up.


High frequency infrared sensor (NDIR CO2 sensor) measures the amount of light passing through a special filter. It looks directly at light not absorbed by the CO2 molecules. By comparing the amount of light that goes past the filter, the device calculates the difference between emitted and absorbed light, and produces accurate number for the amount of COin the air.

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There are many objects in your home that you may consider innocuous that could be emitting dangerous chemicals. Using cleaning products, old pots and pans, introducing a rug or assembling a piece of chipboard furniture can also cause rapid deteriorations of air quality.

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When purchasing an air quality monitor, it’s important to decide exactly what you expect it to do and how much functionality you wish it to have. Many households are only concerned with proper levels of carbon monoxide in their home. Therefore, we’ve provided a low end budget pick for those individuals. However, those with allergies or asthma concerns may want to invest in a model which offers detection of small particles and VOCs

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Indoor air quality is poised to become one of the important drivers for whole house oriented businesses delivering healthy, efficient, comfortable buildings. One of catalysts for this opportunity is the explosion of sensors and devices for measuring and testing the air quality in buildings, including particulates, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), temperature, humidity, CO2 and others. A key part of the smart home/connected home trend, these devices are increasingly available and affordable, and are coming to market at a torrid pace. Sensors and measurement devices that were once expensive and only for professional use are now available to any homeowner, can be installed for 24/7/365 monitoring, and are selling for prices under $200.


Foobot The most available IAQ monitor on market; Built to detect most indoor air pollutants. 6 sensors detect: PM2.5, VOC’s,Temp, Humidity, CO2 & CO $199.00 Read more about Foobot
Air Advice Professional grade model; Thorough and comprehensive reports on IAQ, causes & solutions 6 sensors detect: Particulates (dust), VOC’s, Temp, Humidity, CO2 & CO $2490.00 Read more about Air Advice
uHoo Smart indoor air device; Features Ozone & Air Pressure monitoring. 6 sensors detect: Particulates (PM2.5), VOC’s, Temp, Humidity, CO2, CO, Ozone & Air Pressure $149.00 Read more about uHoo
Birdi Smart detector; Specializes in IAQ & CO monitoring. 6 sensors detect: Particulates (PM2.5), VOC’s, Temp, Humidity, CO2 & CO $119.00 Read more about Birdi
Awair Smart device that syncs with phone; Detects indoor air issues & offers solutions 5 sensors detect: Particulates µg/m3 , VOC’s, Temp, Humidity & CO2 $199.00 Read more about Awair
Cube Sensors Multi-room IAQ monitoring devices;Sold in bundles 5 sensors (per cube) detect: Particulates (allergens), VOC’s, Temp, Humidity & CO2 $139.00 Read more about Cube Sensors
Koto Air Mach 2 of Cube Sensors; Multi-room monitoring features 5 sensors detect: Particulates (allergens), VOC’s, Temp, Humidity & CO2 $139.00 Read more about Koto Air
Air Mentor PRO International smart device; Detects IAQ and sends reports via app to smartphones 5 sensors detect: Particualtes (> 1.0μ m), VOC’s, Temp, Humidity & C02 $197.83 Read more about Air Mentor PRO
UNI-T UT338C International desktop model; Measures room-to-room IAQ 4 sensors detect: Particulates (1ug/ m³), VOC’s, Temp & Humidity $117.48 Read more about UNI-T UT338C
Fluke 975 AirMeter Hand-held professional IAQ monitor; Useful for home inspections 4 sensors detect: Temp, Humidity, CO2 & CO $3,281.01 Read more about Fluke 975 AirMeter
HoneyWell IAQ Point2 Touchscreen wall mount thermostat device; Monitors IAQ for entire sections of buildings 4 sensors detect: VOC’s, Temp, Humidity & CO2 $300.00 Read more about Honeywell IAQ Point2


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