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Learn more about tropical storms, hurricanes and how TSI can help you during the severe weather season.

Hurricane Season officially began June 1st! We’ve seen multiple tropical storms and hurricanes develop and impact the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Now is the time to prepare for the next storm and we are here to help.

When your Air Conditioning and indoor comfort is being threatened by weather or you are experiencing problems from flooding or water damage call TSI! We understand the impact of Florida weather and have been serving Southwest Florida in good and bad weather conditions for more than 30 years!

Read below to learn more about our Southwest Florida Hurricane Season Tips!

Hurricane Season Air Conditioning Tips:


1. Schedule a Maintenance Inspection

Performing a maintenance inspection before each hurricane season will alert homeowners to problems they may have with their HVAC before it becomes a serious issue. Likewise, this opens the opportunity to check all components of hurricane safety, such as a secured outdoor unit to a concrete pad or proper hurricane clips or straps.

2. Include your System in Pre-Hurricane Preparations

Make sure any existing protections, such as hurricane straps, are in good condition before and after each storm. Remove any surrounding objects and debris from outdoor units. Patio furniture, yard equipment and lawn ornaments should be moved into a storage shed or inside the house. Consider covering outside units with a cage or tarp to prevent any windblown objects from impaling the compressor.

3. During the Storm, Keep Your HVAC Unit Off

Power surges are a concern during any major storm. Once the storm hits, it is important to turn off the unit, both at the thermostat and the circuit breaker. This will reduce the chances of a power surge compromising the system.

4. Check Carefully Before Starting Your AC

After it is safe to go outside, inspect the area around the unit and the unit itself for any signs of damage. Possible signs to look out for include: flooding or leaking, frayed wires, movement of the unit, projectile damage and scorch marks. If there are any signs of damage do not turn on your unit; instead, call a professional.

5. Contact TSI with Questions or Concerns

TSI is proud to offer professional, friendly HVAC service along Southwest Florida. Please contact us by phone or on our contact page to schedule services and stay safe this hurricane season.

Important Links:

National Hurricane Center – A web site from the hurricane experts. Great source for the latest hurricane information, past hurricane data, storm tracks, and satellite and radar imagery.

The National Hurricane Survival Initiative – This initiative that brings together government, business, and individuals to focus on what is needed to help us better prepare for the next natural disaster. Their goal is saving lives and minimizing damage.