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NEW CUSTOMER OFFER – Limited Time offer Only $29.95!

Preventative maintenance on your Heating & Air Conditioning System, as recommended by the equipment manufacturer and the electric company, can save you thousands of dollars in excess electric bills, needless service calls and failure of your unit. That is why Technical Services is currently offering a special introductory offer for new customers only which includes the following:

• Check and lubricate motors.
• Inspect safety equipment.
• Clean out the dirt and debris from the bottom of the unit, which helps prevent anything from getting jammed in the motor.
• Run test the heat.
• Level and calibrate the thermostat as needed.
• Visually check the evaporator coil for mold, mildew, and impaction.
• Clean the condensing coil.
• Check for any loose or frayed wiring.
• Inspect line sets / armor flex.
• Inspect supply and return plenums.
• Check the Freon to make sure it is within specifications.
• Clean the filters or if necessary, replace the filter with a 3 to 5 year washable one at no additional cost.
• Flush and vacuum out the drain line.
• Add algaecide tablets to the drain pan to help prevent the drain line from overflowing.
• Visually check your ductwork for any leaks and separations to make sure you have proper air flow.
• Do an amp draw on the motors to show how much electricity your unit is using.
• Inspect the electrical panel.