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AC cleaning is necessary to ensure they continue to work efficiently. It is especially important to make sure your unit is going to be ready to work properly when you need it. These techniques will help you perform AC cleaning.

Techniques Help You Perform AC Cleaning


1. Be safe

The most important step is to shut the power off to your unit. Locate the breaker on your electric panel and shut it off from there.

2. Remove the top

Remove the top of the unit and you can easily access the inside of the condensing unit. Check for and remove any leaves or debris with your hands. Removing leaves and debris keeps water from getting trapped and creating rust or breakdown of your unit’s structure.

3. Spray the unit

You can use compressed air to clean the coils. Direct the air across the coils in the opposite direction of air flow, and move from the dirtier side towards the cleaner. Keep the air at a 90-degree angle and keep it consistent. 

4. Brush the coils

Brushing the coils clean is also very effective. Sweep the dirt away and scrub away any that clings or won’t brush off the coils.

5. Cleaning coils with mild detergent

Mild detergents can be used to clean the coils by mixing warm water with a simple detergent. A hand sprayer or garden sprayer work great for applying the cleaner. Leave it set on the coils for a few minutes then wipe off.

6. Change the filter

After doing an AC cleaning is a perfect time to replace the filter. Air conditioners are very sensitive to air flow, and dirt trapped in the filter will force your unit to work harder.

7. Clean the drain

The drain is another area that needs to be part of your AC cleaning. Nasty deposits can build up in the drain which can result in blockage.


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